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Food & environmental sensitivities #01

NAET® Food and Environmental energy imbalances

What is an allergy? From a Western medical point of view an allergy is an over reaction by the immune system. So where one person may be perfectly fine around say pollens, another person's brain may view pollens as a major threat to the body's well-being. When this person has contact with the allergen, it creates blockages in the energy pathways (or meridians) and disrupts the normal flow of energy through the body's electrical circuit.

If ignored, energy imbalances can lead to serious and chronic health issues.

Examples of possible imbalances include : pollens, animal fur,perfumes,pesticides,chemicals,carpets, building materials, poisons, metals, dust, nuts, dairy, wheat, yeast, fruit, vegetables, the list is endless.

How do we discover what food an environmental sensitivities we have?

The NAET® protocol uses kinesiology to identify the imbalances.

How are the allergies eliminated?

Specific acupressure points are manipulated to eliminate the imbalance. The body often has a number of subtle issues disrupting it at a low level. Best results are achieved by treating one product per session in a specific order. Once this is treated, it must be totally avoided for 25 hours, prior to re-testing and re-introduction. Severe reactions will require several treatments. By treating in this way the immune system will be boosted and a stronger foundation for good health created.

NAET® is an entirely natural and non invasive treatment that for many people gives lasting freedom from imbalances and thier symptoms. It is safe for use on all individuals, and can be used to treat babies, through to the elderly or disabled.

Your first NAET® session will last approximately 1 - 1 1/4 hours, including a full consultation

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