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What is Reflexology?

Reflexology is a complementary, holistic therapy that whilst working directly on the hands or the feet, aims to treat the whole individual, encouraging the body to regain it’s natural balance. A reflexologist uses their hands and particularly thumbs to apply pressure to the feet. Through in depth training, a reflexologist senses differences in the reflex points and by carefully working these areas, will help the body heal itself.

The practice of Reflexology can be traced back to the tomb of the physician Ankhmahor (highest official after the Pharaoh) at Saqqara. Dating back to 2300 BC the pictures of the tomb depict hand and foot reflexology and this is the first concrete evidence of this now modern day therapy. It was then in 1913 that Dr William Fitzgerald, an ENT specialist demonstrated that the application of pressure to certain points on the body could relieve pain and improve functions of certain organs of the body

Who can benefit?

People of any age or sex can benefit, from babies to the elderly. Reflexology can do no harm, however a trained therapist will always start an initial visit with a consultation to ensure there are no contra-indications to the treatment.

Reflexology is more than just foot massage, through working on the reflex points on the feet, the reflexologist helps the body release tension, and stimulates the body’s natural healing mechanisms. The treatment brings about a state of relaxation, which aids both the physical body and emotional well being. This alone is not to be underestimated as it is considered that up to 75% of all illness is stress-related.

What to expect from a treatment

A treatment will last approximately 45 minutes. The initial treatment includes a confidential consultation together with a discussion of any concerns and hopes you may have of the treatment. The treatment starts with a relaxing massage of the feet, before gently stimulating all the reflex points on the feet.

Following a treatment you should feel relaxed and invigorated. You should experience calm and a feeling of well being, as stress and tension is relieved and your body begins to regain it's normal function and rhythm. As part of this cleansing process the body may release toxins causing tiredness, increased urination or bowel movement, emotional changes or a muggy head. Should these occur they are completely normal and are unlikely to last more than a few hours, leaving you feeling ever more refreshed.

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